Greenwood Lake Film Festival Intro

When The Planets Align THE CHALLENGES Showcasing the World’s Most Cutting Edge Filmmakers & Movies • Featuring a Celebrity Jury Including Multiple Film & TV Stars • Awarding Cash Prizes in Multiple Categories • Presenting an Oscar-like Gala Awards ceremony, hosted by superstar stand-up comedian/actor GILBERT GOTTFRIED We produced an intro [...]


The Lamp Post Inn

When The Planets Align THE CHALLENGES Restaurateur describes his cuisine Sal Santonello likes to describe the value that his family restaurant has provide to area residents and guests for the last 30 years. Sal chose a video channel to allow his to personally express his gratitude to guests who have patronized [...]


Cahill Studio

When The Planets Align THE CHALLENGES The client needed to call attention to the company’s AI software that demonstrates in vivid animation, the design concept for their restaurant customers. Objective: Generate additional website traffic and interest using YouTube animation videos of design concepts developed by company artists. Strategy: Add a website [...]


Village of Greenwood Lake

When The Planets Align THE CHALLENGES Create and Maintain a Website that Could Regularly Keep Village Residents and Visitors Informed Client: Village of Greenwood Lake Objective: Create a website that can be easily updated with relevant information and that can be integrated with third party tools and resources. Strategy: After meeting [...]