UltraPro Pest Protection


Client needed to accelerate awareness of the metro NY family-owned pest control company’s capabilities among targeted audiences.
Client: UltraPro Pest Control
Objective: Configure social media accounts and build audiences who can relate to business and homeowners throughout the metro NY and NJ region, and leverage that audience to increase traffic to the company’s website and CTAs.

  • Facebook Strategy: Establish a frequency and rhythm of several posts per week, alternating with calls-to-action opportunities, entertaining videos, and informative content. Track results for follow up. Note: cover image is rotated monthly, depending upon the season, and activity of certain insect pests.

  • Pinterest Strategy: Create an account and build upon the audience that is likely to be concerned about home improvement and home security issues, and is predominantly female.

  • LinkedIn Strategy: Start a group that could attract business owners who could become active and share common interests. Eventually, UltraPro Pest owners will invite these business owners to live virtual events (or in-person events, subject to COVID conditions) where guest speakers will address common issues facing businesses in the metro NY-NJ area. There are 56 members so far, after a total of five months.

Peter Lyons Hall