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You never get a second chance to make a first impression with a glass entryway…
In fact, most customers will see your storefront or entryway before the inside of your building so why not use it to help make a lasting impression? Storefronts are an extremely functional way to give your business a more welcoming appearance with all glass commercial doors & entryways NJ by letting in natural light and exposing a glimpse of your building’s interior to the public. But why stop there? GlassTechNJ works with professional designers and architects to design a storefront that not only is functional, but expresses style and elegance.
Building a brand takes time and patience. We started this Facebook account only a few months ago but have been steadily building audience, little by little, with carefully chosen stories that will, hopefully, captivate area residents and businesses.
Both Instagram and LinkedIn are part of the social media mix for this project.
Peter Lyons Hall - Glass Tech