Smokey’s Tavern


Customer Need: Facilitate the customer experience in learning about menu specials, loyalty programs, and upcoming events.
Client: Smokey’s Tavern
Objectives: Grow customer base; enhance customer engagement with promotional events; strengthen repeat business.
Strategy: Overhaul the entire marketing program and install a more competitive and customer-friendly loyalty program.

  • Created a Google compliant WordPress website that enjoys strong rankings vs. competitive sites.
  • Installed a loyalty program that began collecting customer e-mail addresses that opted-in for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.
  • Installed a text-based loyalty program that collected customer mobile telephone numbers in exchange for accumulating points toward free side dishes or reduced price dinners. Grew customer base from a handful of guests to over 6,000 in five years.
  • Combined weekly e-mail blasts, coupled with text blasts that employed the ingredients of a loyalty program to gradually and steadily increase the customer base in its present size.
  • Meanwhile I used Facebook and Instagram to encourage engagement and to fill in the media spaces between e-mail correspondence.