ADI American Distributors, LLC


1) Improve the on-line product search experience for over three million hi-tech product selections in the aerospace sector; 2) Update video to include product lines form two new acquisitions.

  • Client: ADI American Distributors LLC
  • Objective: 1) Replace an aging product search program for its website that would work across three continents and multiple time zones; 2) Update a video produced years earlier, using a complementary template, featuring new footage to accommodate new divisions acquired by the parent company.
  • Strategy: 1) Collaborate with digital programmers and implement the new program. After meeting with client, determine appropriate web-based produce search that could handle millions of high quality aerospace components stored on a database in the UK, and searchable by Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout the globe. 2) Work with video professionals to locate similar template, research new footage, and integrate results into old video.

  • Results: 1) Designed the project specs; researched available teams that could perform the task within our budget; interviewed the finalists; selected the team; coordinated the project and successfully implemented the program. 2) Produced new video that included previous tech template featuring new footage.
Peter Lyons Hall-ADI